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An Asian Escort Girl Died of Blunt Force Trauma in Hamilton


Right now, police still have been unable to identify the poor dead girl, only knows that she is from HongKong, and the police department in Hamilton has contact the China embassy, hope they can help to find her family in China.

If that does not work, the case manager of the police department said they might go for help from the public. The detective believe that she was killed on Tuesday, the first week of Novemeber 2013, for hours when she was bleeding to dead, no one showed up to help her, until she was discovered by police officers, there is nothing the paramedics can do to save her, is was too late. The blood was everywhere in the ground.

Klaric is charged with first degree murder, but he knows nothing about the dead woman except for she is escort girl, people believe he called her for service, that's it. Who is she? where is she from? who has she left from? no one knows, even the police officer know her only as a middle-aged Asian Female.

The public still do not know if the homicede detective had found her identify, or if they find the weapon? Klaric has been interviewed by police, with his unreliable talking, Hamilton police office still only have information from one source only, and they believe Klaric was not in a relationship with the victom.

The woman' body was found inside Apartment 505 in the tidy 6-storey red-brick building at 9 Riverdale Dr, at the corner of Queenston Road, the reason that her body was found is because a man called 911 from a parking lot nearby the building, the man said he just killed an asian escort woman in his room, inside an apartment.

The man who made the call was arrested soon after the police officer found the body, he is 35 yearls old and living along in Hamilton, has no chindren. On Wednesday he was appeared in court without family or lawyer.

A few days passed after the poor Asian female' death, the homicide detectives did a lot of job to investigate the murder case, but all the knows is about the murder who had been living in Hamilton for a long time with relationships, but for the Asian escort girl come from toronto, according to the newspater, they still knows nothing.

Anyone with information can call Det. Benoit Thibodeau at 905-546-3926 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


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